Religion in Public

As my semester comes to a close, I finally have some breathing space to post the backlog of stuff I have thinking about and finding along the way.

One of my classes this semester was in Ethics focusing on Pluralism and the Public arena.  A conversation that interested me deeply revolved around the famous JFK speech on religion and the more recent one by Mitt Romney. Though they were probably more similar than different, their differences were profound.

I found this interesting article today in the Washington Post where JFK’s niece says that Sarah Palin gets the argument wrong in her new book.



Notes from the Future

I have recently moved to Southern California (from the Pacific Northwest and the NorthEastern United States before that) and I have been thinking  about a theme that I wrote about in my master thesis.  First a story .

My nephew and I went to church our first week here. We were two of the five white people at the service. It was primarily a Japanese and Korean congregation with some Hispanic and a few Blacks. I had a wonderful talk with my nephew on the way home about A) the future of America and B) the irony of him being from Montana where the white/non-white split may actually be at  exact inverse proportions to our church service.

I also started a new program in Practical Theology (sound like an oxymoron to most) at a school that is preparing for the future by taking a bold look at religious diversity, inter-faith engagements and the future of pluralism.

All of this got me thinking about these things that will play major roles in our lifetime:
– the Shift toward the global south
-the changing demographics of North America
-and the Post-Modern shift in thinking.

I will tackle the first two here More