The Fringe

Lead From the Fringe

As Culture shifts there will be more edges
and as things decentralize  – there will be more fringe.

This is a good thing, As we move to a more decentralize focus
It forces attention and resources to the perimeter.

The pressure created in transitions pushes energy out
and empowers those at the edge.

We can talk about frontiers, starfish or tribes. They are all metaphors
for the fringe – the edge of change and place of transition.

It is in that place that a leadership emerges. It is a unique style of leadership.
it is not groomed or raised or trained as much as it is…


It is a little bit different at the fringe. It can happen in the city or the country
it happens in the Macro and the Micro.

It comes from places on the map and goes to places yet unmapped.
But leadership emerges from there.
It is different than leading from the center.
It is leading from the fringe.

It is more than sharing the microphone and stepping out of the spotlight.
It is more than acknowledging the uniqueness and learning from the ‘other’.

It may share the same goal
but it is a different way.


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