The death of Royal Weddings & the marriage of Bin Laden to the Pope

It was a fascinating weekend – to say the least. There was a royal wedding, the beautification of a Pope and the assassination of a global terrorist.  Viewing these three from a certain angle may leave someone thinking that they had very little connection to each other. If viewed through another lens, the three come together in an odd partnership.

I’m going to show my cards up front so that there is transparency in the lens that I am employing.

  • I do not like the idea of Royalty, class or caste. I think that they are antiquated notions that should left behind as we emerge into a new inter-connected, trans-national, and multi-racial cultural reality.
  • I wonder how much longer the Papacy will continue to carry the kind of weight that it still does. The election of the last pope was an amazing television event waiting for the puff of white smoke to emerge from the chapel and indicate the Cardinals had made their decision. That is an interesting thing to watch on global satellite TV in real time.
  • The assassination of Osama Bin Laden was an instantly global event and brought immediate inter-national implications by nature of our trans-national planet.

Here are the things that intrigue me about each of the three: More